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Fürwahr! Es ändern sich die Zeiten.

Welcome to my lj, dear new friends from the pandora hearts friending meme: dhuaine, osaka01, kandascending, bloody_writer83, and (maybe) ceitean (if she wants me)! Please feel at home. If you like, you may look at my Intro Post.

Hey, everyone! I finished my DRRR FST!!! My GERMAN DRRR FST!! Waoh. I feel awesome. OTL Anyway, I could post it now but 21st of March is my favourite(=Mikado)'s birthday! I should post it on 21st of March, right?
That's in 4 days.
But of course that would be too simple, I had to come up with a scheme to honour my beloved F-List for their sweetness: I will post the FST on Kuuki-chan's birthday right here in my journal, but it will be f-locked. So my dear friends will be the previleged ones who get to see (and download) it first. On 21st of March I'll make the post public and also post the link over at the DRRR community.
Now, isn't this a good idea?

By the way, Mikado and Celty got the best songs. And Izaya too. I'm extremely unhappy with Dotachin's song but I couldn't find a better one. ;_; Any suggestions? It has to be in German though. Once again, Kuuki-chan has helped me out in mysterious ways. :D

Another valuable medical experienceCollapse )
If the interior discussion in your head were indexed by category, what would the five most recurring subjects be?
I always wanted to do one of these weird questions just for the fun of it and this one seems easy, so here I go and in no particular order:
1. Food
2. Sex
3. Organizing and planning ahead
4. pointless Daydreaming
5. making up plots for novels I'll never write


☮ I've been cooking every day this week, healthy food with lots of vegetables, and my father has hated every single dish I made so far. XD
☮ The rest of the time I spent cleaning the house. I found an Arcobaleno pacifier and some Groschen and Schilling (for those among you who don't remember, that was Austria's currency before the Euro came around)... They feel so weird to the touch, so thin and light (compared to Euro coins).
☮ While looking through my CD+mp3 collection to find a certain song for my (secret) Drrr FST I found one of my old favourites that I had totally forgotten about and OMG NOW I'M IN LOVE WITH REINHARD MEY can somebody shoot me (but do it gently please)?
☮ My left arm hurts like hell since I got that tetanus shot on Tuesday. It's getting better now but it still hurts and I can't sleep on my left side. so I went walking the last two days (I went walking because my arm hurts... yes that's logic!). Yesterday I walked two hours to a neighbouring village to have a look at their church and graveyard. I was surprised that their church was that cute and beautiful but the most amazing thing was the organ! It's an ancient organ, from 1832 I assume, and apparently every organist that had played on the organ has written on the instrument! There are messages written on the wood, dates, names, songs, little pictures - mostly written in the old Germanic way of writing. I took photos but I'm too lazy to upload them right now, so I thought I should ask first if you are interested in those. I know not everyone is as crazy for ecclesiastic history as I am.
☮ I'm planning a friends cut here! Well, basically I'm just trying to get rid of the dead journals that are on my flist. If you have updated at least once in the last 6 months, you are safe - don't worry. If you have not updated for that long and still want to remain on my flist, just tell me!
☮ Meme totally stolen from lullabyte:
Give me three characters from any fandom I know. I will pick one to marry, one to have sex with, and one to push off a cliff. No divorce for the first option, only once for the second option. My fandoms are somewhere around here, if you need them.
PS: Does anyone here need a Holiday-Coupon (it's like a coupon for a cheaper paid account)? Apparently I have some to give. :3
What makes me happy today:
✓ I went to the cinema and watched "Sherlock Holmes", which was good. Apart from the occult overload.
✓ I got my train ticket to Vienna...
✓ ...and my netbook.
✓ And I had sushi for lunch.
✓ I finished my page of the Hetalia scrapbook project (well, I did yesterday, but it still makes me happy because it's sparkling SO MUCH).
✓ I can't stop wondering about Yamamoto/Hibari, where does this come from now?

What's pissing me off today:
✗ Mio, who failed to organize our journey to Rome and told me she didn't "feel like going there", is now going after all. And I don't know if I want to drag along after all... this sucks. I hate it when I have to take sudden decisions. I have to decide until 5th of March. I can't. I just can't. I hate quick decisions!! And I have no money because I spent it all on the netbook and the train tickets to Vienna AND my shiny-new dental crowns and sushi. My mother said she would give me the money (GIVE! Not borrow!) and I said: "You're crazy, you already know that I won't take it!" I can't take money from my mother.
✗ Deep in my heart I made a Drrr FST. But reason tells me not to work on it and all the songs are in German so nobody would want it anyway. Could it be I'm tsundere for Drrr?

Happy Nameday to me!

WELCOME, you guys from various memes! I'm very happy I found new friends and I hope we'll get along well! I always try to keep up with my flist, so I'll probably read all of your entries but I might not comment on everything. Sometimes I just have nothing smart to say. But I'll always do my best!

Now that I found out how other people create Intro posts, I'm planning to make one too. Soon. Until then, please look at my profile page for my interests and other random information. However, you may always ask me if there's something you would like to know.

Happy New Year / Frohes Neues Jahr / Feliz Año Nuevo / Bonne Année / Felice Anno Nuovo / Gott nytt år / Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku / Boldog Új Évet / 新年快樂 / Rosch haSchana 2010.

The last year was so boring for me that it's not even worth to look back on because there is nothing to see. So let's look forward and make resolutions instead:
Get a new lj-name and/or paid account.
Remain healthy!
Don't allow 2010 to be as stupid as 2009 was!
In 2009 I relapsed into my old shyness. That must change again!

SCHLIMM: Meine Mutter sagt "heiße Makaroni" statt "heiße Maroni". Ich... hab ihr schon ungefähr zehn Mal den Unterschied erklärt... keine Chance. Wenn sie wenigstens "Esskastanien" sagen würde, aber nein...

On a brighter note, let me tell you:
I'm going to kiss Hazel Grouse when the clock strikes twelve
Hazel Grouse/Glareola Pratincole = OTP of ornithology.
Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia!!

PS: Since we celebrate Christmas Eve, this year's Christmas is already very much over. Pictures and stuff to come in another post. As soon as I beat my youtube account into working mode. Because I made a Jean-Jacques video. I'm serious.

It's the King's Hour.

I want a Pandora Hearts moodtheme. Also, I started reading "Die Stunde des Königs" because "The Book of Air and Shadow" is freaking me out in its boringness. Apparently I can't finish it, because whenever I try to continue reading, I just get so fed up with it after 2 pages... *sigh* But "Die Stunde des Königs" is quite amazing!

There's nothing but meme fun under this cutCollapse )
I'm sorry I've been a little quiet during the last two weeks. Times were very busy. I was in the library till 7 pm every day because of that mean canon law project. Now that the presentation is finished I can relax a little. I finished my script only two hours in advance... That was pretty... close... But I made it alright and I survived and now I can concentrate on other things again! Like books, anime, writing... enjoyable things!

By the way, I'm still... healthy. I guess. One of my flatmates got a shot against swine flu, then collapsed and was in hospital for two days, and now she's down again. Nannerl is ill and Peach hasn't been seen for a while. Almost everyone around me is coughing and sneezing and I don't know for how much longer I can keep myself alive. Well, at least Mio's still fine, because Mio is just not leaving the flat anymore. XD Okay, so it's because she has to re-take exams next week, so she's busy studying, but it also means she's avoiding the flu. I wish I had a good excuse like that. XD But no, I don't envy her. She's quite upset again because of exams, and there's nothing I can do to make her feel better. But we are going to get signed up for OEKT in MUC! :D I'm looking forward to it! ... I wonder what I should do if Mio fails this time again... I... I'm just not thinking about it.

Tonight at 9.33 pm one of my favourite radio plays is broadcast! Wahaha, I'm so lucky! I think this time I'll record it! Radio plays are a wonderful invention!

I like books and Anime too.Collapse )
Oh, and I'm brooding over my entry to the hetalia_scrap. I'm doing Austria, but I have no clue how to decorate my page. Okay, so I'll use an Austrian flag as a foundation... maybe I should put a line of music on the white parte of the flag. But, gush, I just don't feel like serving to every single Austrian cliché... but then again, cliché is what Hetalia is all about. Ah, I need some advice! Help me out, what would you do? I heard the other Austrian person does a Vienna theme... I wish she would do the usual clichés (music, Mozart, Sisi, Sachertorte), so I could happily cover my page with kangaroos.

PS: The picture meme is not forgotten, I'll do it at the weekend!


1) Create a graphic (200 x 200 max size) to represent your personal "candy". It should have your username on it, but otherwise can feature whatever you want. Make it something special since it's self-representative.
2) Make a post with the subject "trick or treat?". Put your "candy" somewhere in it, and be sure to repost these instructions.
3) Then, go around other people's LJs and reply to them with either "trick" or "treat". If you reply with "trick", they will give you an LJ dare that you have to perform before taking their candy. If you're too wimpy for that, simply say "treat" and take their candy.
4) List all your collected candies in your original "trick or treat?" post to show off your collection, being sure not to direct-link!

MILA MADE ME JOIN IN THIS YOU KNOW! I wanted to resist... but I can't resist Mila... because she showed me a redhead guy and that was the end of my resistance... I wanted to turn her into my "treat", but I was afraid she would kill me, so I didn't.

I swear to my Playmobil farmyard that I never celebrate Halloween and this entry doesn't mean I'm joining in the celebration. I'm just... playing...

Oh, and do you know what it took me to refrain from making half the KHR cast into candies?!?
Three more under the cut if you hate the first oneCollapse )
I'm off to go trick-and-treating now in EVERYBODY'S JOURNAL. Gosh, why am I so in love with capslock this weekend?

Assorted Candy I summoned from the depths of your pumpkinsCollapse )

Schedule Winter 2009/10
8-9 Moral TheologyPastoral TheologyMoral 
9-10 Fundamental TheologyPastoralMoral 
10-11 Ecclesiastical HistoryCanon LawCLFunda
11-12 Ecclesiastical HistoryCLCLFunda
12-13 Old Testament Choir singing 
13-14 OT   
14-15Economic EthicsLiturgy   
16-17Christian Social EthicsEducational TheoryDogmatics  

I'm not going there on Fridays. My Fridays shall be free.Collapse )


mi reloj son el sol y las olas
Una vez más el paisaje fugitivo,
el lago, los valles,
los árboles que corren como ríos.
Llega una nube
y ciega la mirada;
luego descubre
un mar, un fuego.

Cuando duermes
se recoge la vela de tu tiempo,
se borra el libro
por la magia de la sombra
y pasa a tus sueños la escritura.
A mis ojos,
la desaparición de tu día,
y mi quedar en mi día y en mi noche.

La belleza se desliza en su órbita.
En la isla que se aleja
tensas el arco.
La flecha sigue su línea.
Yo la mía.

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