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Das Wetter ist schön.

Das Leben auch.

mi reloj son el sol y las olas
14 August

29th of May:
Meaning of screenname: Rotflügel-Brachschwalbe
Temperament: sanguine
Born: on a sweltry summer night

Hair: honey blonde
Fetish: cigarettes. Big noses. Small eyes. Broad shoulders.
Height: 165 cm

Fandom OTM: Tsuritama
Singing: "Dark Waltz" by Haley Westenra (sp?)
Reading: "Das Hamlet-Komplott" by R. Löhr.

★Quote of Today★
"As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." (J. W. v. Goethe)

07 ghost, alice academy, ancient stuff, anime, are you alice?, art, baking, bishonen, books, boys love, c.d. friedrich, calvin & hobbes, cat ears, chocolate, churros, cinema, clamp, cleaning, clergymen, coconut flavour, coconuts, colours, crossdressing, cultural history, culture, curls, death note, decorating, dogs, doujinshi, dragons, dreaming, dressing up, durarara, early morning, earth, eating, eichendorff, environmentalism, erotica, fairy tales, fancy dress, fish, fluff, forests, fresh bread, fruits basket, gardens, geography books, germany/italy, glitter, green tea, guitar, hats, hazel, hello kitty, hetalia, hinako takanaga, history, history books, history novels, home, horses, howl's moving castle, ike reibun, jesuits, junjou romantica, kate bush, katekyo hitman reborn, katie melua, languages, laughing, laziness, letter writing, literature, manga, memes, more glitter, movies, museums, music, musicals, mysteries, naono bohra, nature, nishimura shuuko, pacifism, painting, pandora hearts, photographs, photography, pink, pizza, playing dead, playing dumb, poetry, pointless ranting, potatoes, procrastination, radio, randomness, reading, rice, rilke, romanticism, ruins, running, saiyuki, saiyuki reload, sanrio, seafood, sexy villains, shiny things, shoujo, shounen, shounen-ai, singing, sleep, sleeping, smut, solitude, stupid memes, summertime, sunshine, suzuki tsuta, tactics, takashi kanzaki, tea, tea with milk, tidying, toys, vampire knight, vienna, wish, writing, yaoi, yoneda kou