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You know what? University is crammed with Italians and Americans right now. Wherever I go, all I hear is Italian and English. Like, in the bus to university: all the Germans are silent and grumpy and think of their warm bed whereas the Italians and Americans are filling the whole bus with merry chatter. XD Don't know where they get the energy from that early in the morning. Well, I barely understand the Italians but it's nice to listen to the Americans and how they perceive life in Germany. I wonder if they think that this university is very empty, because almost everybody (except for some miserable souls like me) is on holiday.
I also wrote some postcards to you already, but I don't know when they'll arrive.

About today: After four years of living in Rgbg, I finally managed to go to the Walhalla. It's a kind of temple built by King Ludwig I. During the last 2 years I've come to admire this particular king. I barely knew him before. He gets overshadowed by his grandson, but... I think he was interesting too, and he shouldn't be neglected because his hairstyle was much cooler. tWell, so the Walhalla is a super awesome building that houses busts of famous people "of the German tongue".

Quoted from wiki: 'As being "of the German tongue" was the main selection criterion for the original 160 persons representing the 1,800 years of German history, the King included persons from, or who had been active in, modern-day Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland and the Baltic States.
Whereas the Valhalla of Norse mythology was home to those gloriously slain in battle, Ludwig's Walhalla was intended not only for warriors but also for scientists, writers, and clerics, and specifically included both men and women. Decades before the German Empire was founded in 1871, "German" was understood as "Germanic". Included were Gothic, Langobardic, Anglo-Saxon, Dutch and Swiss German figures, as well as persons who had gained fame mainly in other countries or for non-German governments.'

It was a wonderful, sunshiney day! I took the bus from Rgbg to Donaustauf. Then I found a tiny path (coincidentally, because I was distracted by a church on a hill) through the forest, something like a steep short-cut, much like the path up the Capuchin Hill. There were no people, just the glitter of the Danube shining through the trees. It was wonderful and was too short. I could have climbed up there for hours. Maybe it's time to admit that I'm not human. I was born a chamois. Did you know the First World War broke out because someone was so stupid as to shoot a white chamois although he knew there would be a curse?! Really... People are dumb.

Ah, where did I stop? Oh yes. I climbed up there and then there was the Walhalla, it appeared quite suddenly, which is surprising for such a massive building. It's very impressive! It was quite crowded there, though. Lots and lots of German tourists. Speaking the weirdest German dialects. And 3 euros is quite pricey for a hall full of heads. Anyway, the view from up there is the best thing! Windy, though. The Danube is all glittery and the Dungau looks endless, stretching out to the horizon. I'm missing the mountain, though. So in the end I went back to Rgbg, wishing I could go climb some mountain soon. Oh, and today's some kind of special Sunday in Bavaria, all the shops were open and many, many people were in the city and running into me. Well, shops were open and had special offers and food was 10% off. Oh. So I went to hoard chocolate and tea. XD

Anyway, back to the Walhalla. I bought some postcards since I had no camera AND I bought that "Amtlicher Führer" thing which cost me incredible 4 euros but it really is quite interesting and has a lot of info material.
And I elected winners too! :D That was fun, what a pity I was the only person in the jury. So there are 128 busts and 65 plaques. Of course I could only elect winners among the busts.

And the winners are:
★ Scariest eyes: Mozart
★ Best looking female: Katharina II. von Russland (Russian Empress Katharina II)
★ Best looking male: Scharnhorst A Prussian! And I had never heard of him before...
★ People with their mouth open widest: Goethe, Heyden (I assume they mean Haydn), Mengs
★ Funniest facial expression: Schubert, Mendel
★ Hair that looks most like candy: Dalberg
★ Most tragic expression: Schiller
★ Looks like someone else entirely: Goethe (I swear they must have switched his bust!)
★ Best tiny alien: Kant
★ Looks most like my priest at home: Schelling
★ Best Highschool-teacher looks: Radetzky
★ Nicest jug ears: Moltke
★ Sculpture looks like it was done by himself: Einstein
★ Most shocked look: Jean Paul
★ Looks most like marshmallow man: Jakob Fugger
★ Looks most like a ghost: Stifter (his writings are amazing), Röntgen, Eichendorff (my beloved!)
★ First place gay: Carl Maria v. Weber (never heard of him either...)
★ Most British: Wilhelm III. (obviously)
★ Sexiest: The angel striking a sexy pose between Edith Stein and Heine.
★ Scary all over: Heine. (Not only does he look scary, he also has a fissure running through his chest and half his face. Is it meant to be a symbol?)
★ Most touching: Edith Stein.

Uhm, I figured that not everyone can be all familiar with these names/places, so I added wiki links to anything and anyone that I think might not be known worldwide. I even linked Mozart... just in case, you know?

Something else that I just want to write down - Last Saturday, I attended my first wedding as an altar girl. Not at my home church but at the Abbey. I didn't know who got married on this day and I was quite surprised when I realized the bride used to be a school friend of mine. We even received our First Holy Communion together! We haven't seen each other since 1996! Fourteen years! And to meet her again at her own wedding... somehow it was so great. And I don't even know if she recognized me. Maybe not? I went to congratulate her afterwards and all, but I'm not sure if she really realized who I am and where she knows me from. Well, it doesn't matter, it's not like we'll see each other again very soon, now that I live in Rgbg.
It felt a little weird, though, because we are of the same age and we were both dressed in white - just that she was in front of the altar next to the groom and I was behind the altar, next to the priest. I think it symbolizes the difference of the path we walked during those 14 years very well and maybe it means even more than that. It felt very, very right to me. We were both in the right place.
Btw, I didn't know you get money if you do altar service at a wedding. Nice surprise!
Anyway, this Sunday I volunteered for altar service and I think it was the very first time I made no mistakes.


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Sep. 12th, 2010 08:48 pm (UTC)
If it makes you feel better/fits in with your sense of normal better, this American is not a fan of mornings at all, and wishes for her nice, warm bed, even when it's dinnertime.
Sep. 13th, 2010 06:54 am (UTC)
But I'm sure you would also be totally hyper if you were on a bus in Germany with all of your friends, going to that awesome German class that starts at 8 am in the ugliest university of Europe! Wouldn't you? :D
Sep. 13th, 2010 01:32 pm (UTC)
Maybe if I had a lot of coffee. ... And even then, I can guarantee I would be sleepy again by eleven.
Sep. 13th, 2010 01:12 am (UTC)
Mozart has the scariest eyes? XDDDD

Hair that looks most like candy
.... er.... WUT???? *rofl*

Best tiny alien
... i think i need to visit this place!

Looks most like marshmallow man
... oh so EPIC! HAD to click the link! XDDDd

Scary all over:
... EH??? Heine looked so calm in his wiki page! O__o

do shops close on Sunday in Germany? what about the malls?
Sep. 13th, 2010 07:11 am (UTC)
Yeah, well, his bust had very scary eyes with very pronounced pupils (most of the other busts had no pupils at all).
Sadly, the pictures at wikipedia sometimes don't resemble the busts very much. Heine is a good-looking man in paintings but his bust just looks scary. I wouldn't have recognized him if there hadn't been his name on the bust. Here, I found a picture: http://www.n24.de/media/_fotos/3panorama/2010/juli_21/100728_1/heine_gr.jpg - You can also see the fissure.

And while Fugger's bust looks like marshmallow man, his painting on the wiki page doesn't look very much like a marhsmallow at all. Sad. I like him better as marshmallow. OTL

About Dalberg's candy hair... I swear it looks edible! Like Meringue!! It was the first thing I noticed about the bust, even before I read the name. I didn't know before what Dalberg looked like, I just knew he was trying to save the Holy Roman Empire and that my eccl.history professor had a crush on him or something.

I'm not sure if shops are closing on Sundays all over Germany. But I'm sure they close in Bavaria and Austria. Malls too. Offices too. Actually, almost everything becomes quiet. Sometimes there are some politicans trying to kill that law off, arguing that in other countries this law doesn't exist and that it would be better for the economy if people were working on Sundays too. Well, it hasn't happened yet and I hope it never does because people need a day to calm down, right?
Sep. 13th, 2010 03:17 pm (UTC)
oh my! ... now i feel freaked out O__o
hmmm, the bust really doesn't look like Heine's pictures in wiki! and yah, wats with the fissure? looks like it was made on purpose?

when you said marshmallow man, i immediately thot of the character in Ghostbusters! that one was sooooooooo cute!

do you have a picture of Meringue hair? XDDD how'd you know your professor had a crush on him?!!

well, it IS somewhat inconvenient when everything shuts down on Sunday. coz over here, Sunday is when people do their shopping, take the family out, stuff you do when you can't do on other days coz you gotta work. here, shops even stay open longer on weekends! XDDD
Sep. 14th, 2010 06:20 pm (UTC)
Maybe somebody took a photo of him but forgot to put off the flash. And ever since then Heine made that face... I really don't know. I looked him up in the Amtlicher Führer, but he's not in there yet. The booklet is too old. Or Heine is too young. OTL Maybe the fissure is meant to symbolize his torn heart? The change in his poetry? Exile in Paris? It really could be anything. I should read his biography one day.

I tried to find a picture of Meringue hair but I couldn't find any by googling. ;_; There is a very small picture of him in the A.F. If I don't forget about it, I will scan it when I get home. How I know my professor had a crush on him? Well, when he was talking about him during lessons he always got those shiny eyes. He also wanted to have a plaza in Rgbg named after him. Actually he wanted a plaza that's named after Bismarck to be named after Dalberg... he told us he had written to the people in charge two times already, asking them to change the name. XD

Sadly, I must say that Sophie Scholl was a close second for the role of marshmallow man. Poor girl. OTL

Scratch what I said about Heine not being in the A.F. There is a single page stuck to the back of the booklet and it says... all kinds of things but not why there is a fissure on his bust. Apparently they don't know. Btw, the bust was put up on 28th of July. That's only two months ago... interesting.

Ah, but how can people take their family out on Sundays when they have to work?? Here, everything is closed so that nobody has to work and families can be together and do fun things. At least that's the theory.
Sep. 16th, 2010 11:30 am (UTC)
it's still terribly creepy to "immortalize" someone with a fissure XDDD ... 28 July 2010??? if it's that new, it shouldn't have a fissure right? how strange. is it supposed to be artistic? O___o

wow! your professor is a bit ... hmm, should i say "extreme"? XDDD

oh, i don't mean office workers. we have Sundays off too. but usually people who run businesses keep their shops open coz that's when the crowd comes in. over here, shops are closed on some day during the week to make up for having to open on Sunday. except big malls, they stay open every day but the staff work on shifts, so either way, they're still entitled their day off ^^
Sep. 13th, 2010 10:33 pm (UTC)
I have to say that as a clarinet player, I kinda wish I didn't know who CMv.W was...

I need to know if Kant's forehead was really that enormous.
Sep. 14th, 2010 06:26 pm (UTC)
Oh, clarinet!! Awesome! So, is Weber's music as gay as his looks? OTL Well, I have to be fair and add his bust is actually one of the best looking ones. A little bit girly, but a good face and at least he doesn't have hair like candy.

Kant's forehead? Hm, I think I know the painting you are refering too. His bust didn't have a wig on, though (it is bald), so the forehead isn't as pronounced as the wig makes it on that certain painting. Maybe the forehead is a sign for the many, many thoughts in his brain. So they can move around in there. XD
Sep. 14th, 2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
It's, um, flowery. So yes! Here, have a small Korean child.
I don't think his hair is bad enough to be a proper clarinet player, that's why he squeaks occasionally XD Our power comes from our terrible hair. Maybe he should have a wig like Kant's.
Sep. 15th, 2010 01:46 pm (UTC)
Oh, it's Harry Potter! Not? But he has nice hair. I didn't know it was essential for a clarinet player to have bad hair! If I had known earlier I would have forced my mother to let me take lessons because my hair sure has potential. (I know what it means to lead a Bad Hair Life.)
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mi reloj son el sol y las olas
Una vez más el paisaje fugitivo,
el lago, los valles,
los árboles que corren como ríos.
Llega una nube
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luego descubre
un mar, un fuego.

Cuando duermes
se recoge la vela de tu tiempo,
se borra el libro
por la magia de la sombra
y pasa a tus sueños la escritura.
A mis ojos,
la desaparición de tu día,
y mi quedar en mi día y en mi noche.

La belleza se desliza en su órbita.
En la isla que se aleja
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Yo la mía.

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